Official blog for the Transathesit Podcast

So the podcast is still in the works, we have the audio editing software, we’re just waiting on some hardware, namely a mic for Julie, or just another mic.  If all else fails, we could always use our phones as mics…tested it once and the sound quality actually wasn’t half bad.  Windows Lumia phones are awesome afterall.  Anyway on to an about us.

I’m Maddy, I’m a genderfluid, genderqueer, transgender, haven’t really figured out what label really applies to me yet.  To be honest, its not something that worries me a whole lot.  I’m a human, who presents as a male at work, but doesn’t actually believe I’m male, nor do I live my life as though I’m male.  I just live my life.  I’ve been married to Julie, my beautiful co-host / producer for 17 years.  We have 5 children together, although as the youngest has graduated, we’re on the verge of becoming empty nesters.  So what to do?  Start a podcast and blog of course!

What do Julie and I offer?

We aim to provide thought provoking content that both brings hope, and discussion.  We don’t expect you to agree with us, as there are many things Julie and I disagree on.  Leave feed back, leave a voicemail, leave a comment.  We always love to hear what’s on the mind others, even if we think you’re wrong.


Hope you enjoy!


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