Dead in the Water

Dead in the Water

That’s my heart, smashed into the stainless steel of reality and bleeding down the drain.

I thought was that place, I had heard quite a few podcasters describing how they had such a positive experience on WordPress.  Unfortunately it wasn’t until a month in, of frustration I finally realized my mistake.  Those podcasters were using WordPress.ORG.

I realized this error in the process of correcting an earlier mistake.  The blog domain was originally but I realized I would receive much more favorable search results in google, Bing, and iTunes if I switched to

With, your feed is tied to your domain.  The only way to change your feed, is to change your domain, and vice versa, if you change your domain you have also changed your feed.  Your podcast title is generally generated by your feed. However I had already submitted my feed to all necessary podcast directories (iTunes, xBox Music, PocketCast, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, blackberry).  So now I have a public feed, that I don’t want, no way to easily change that feed because of the limitations of, and to make matters worse…..iTunes doesn’t like either feed.  I’ve reached out for help to a number of other podcasters, and they’ve all said the same thing;  “Maddy, you’re dead in the water at”.

I have no one to blame but myself for this error, but regardless it has caused me to be quite depressed, kicking myself for wasting so much time and energy into a futile endeavor incapable of achieving my original goal of podcasting.

I should clarify, I’m not trying to become famous, I don’t expect a huge subscriber base.  I’m not looking to make money.  I just want a place of my own, to share my journey, my struggles, my successes, and my point of view.  I tend to rant & pontificate when it comes to basic human rights, hucksters swindling people, and people who tell me to believe them just because they said so.  I’ve found blogging and podcasting tend to be much better places to get on a soapbox then talking with friends, family, or coworkers.

What’s a girl to do?

I’m considering moving to, in fact I’ve already signed up for a domain name there, and next month I’ll be moving over there as well.

The podcast feed will be moving over there, as allows me to use the PowerPress plugin, which will enable me to tweak my feed and also have an iTunes friendly feed.  For now however, I’m not sure when my podcasting feed will be working again.  I’m not sure how long it will take to move these blog posts here at over to

I’m going to leave up here for a while, because I love the small community I have already met.  All of you who I have talked to are wonderful. A couple of you have had a very positive impact on my mental well-being simply by having blogs I can read and relate to.  Reading the struggles & triumphs of another trans*person and her wife, seeing some of the same issues I face, knowing I’m not alone.

Hopefully as I rebuild you’ll find me there.  It’s nice to know you’re not alone in adversity.

Be beautiful, be safe.


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Trans* and an Atheist. Frequently in need of a hug, never in need of a prayer.

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