Representative Democracy


This is not a political blog or podcast, however, from time to time we will bring up relevant political information.   The following conditions, both pro and con are in my opinion fair game:

–          Implications for the Transgender community

–          Anti-Science (creationism, global warming denial, etc.)

–          Pseudo-science (alternative medicine & “quantum” mumbo jumbo)

–          LGBT friendly people running for office.

It is this last category which I wanted to mention today.

Paula Overby is running against John Kline (incumbent) for the Minnesota 2nd Congressional District, which also just happens to be my district.  Ms. Overby has stated she wishes her campaign to focus on issues rather than her gender.  While we at the Transatheist blog cannot more heartily agree, we look forward to the day when no one should have to even mention this, although it would be humorous to see certain candidates such as Rick Santorum have to continually answer questions regarding his gender and sexuality…..but that’s just me trolling.

So where do the candidates stand on the issues relevant to this blog?  Her opponent, Representative John Kline has a long voting record against the issues many of us in the Transgender community find important.  In 2007 and 2009 he voted against expansion of the Federal definition of hate crimes to include gender and sexual orientation.  In 2010 he voted against the repeal of Don’t ask / Don’t tell.  In 2012 he voted to disallow the use of federal funds to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

To be fair to Representative Kline, Ms. Overby does not have a voting record on these issues to attack; however, I am going to make a radical assumption and predict Ms. Overby’s voting would be different on all of the above.

As this campaign progresses updates will be posted here, and this campaign will definitely be discussed on an upcoming episode.  We are in the process of putting together a questionnaire of science & athiesm topics, which we will be emailing to both Representative Kline, and Ms. Overby.  We’ll post the questionnaire and responses (if any) to the blog.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ms. Overby’s positions on issues you can head to her website at, you can follow her blog , or follow her on Twitter @PaulaMirare.  Finally you can read an interview she did with the here .


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