Miley Vs. Macklemore


Its been 4 days since Twerk was first used by someone over the age of 17 in the professional healthcare setting I work at. Yet, my coworkers are still discussing the amateur stripper dance of Miley Cyrus.

I don’t want to be misconstrued, this is a sex positive blog, and will be a sex positive podcast. What Miley does or doesn’t do with her body, and who she does or doesn’t do it with is nothing I have any plans on passing judgment on.  You will not find slut shaming on this blog.  Her performance is only worth critique in that perhaps she should’ve hired a sex worker for some instructional dancing.

What I find frustrating is a hip hop group have found mainstream success, and are not blatantly homophobic, yet this doesn’t seem to interest many. There are most likely a variety of reasons why; homophobia (especially in the hip hop community) is not forefront on the minds of most Americans; its easier to be appalled at a young woman actions when you think of how they may or may not be influencing your daughter; and the age old clichés of “kids today” “in my day girls wore clothes” etc.

Yet despite the rationalizations of why Macklemore’s performance isn’t talked about more, I still find myself wishing this was a bigger deal. Wishing that we still took a moment to look around and realize there are still over 37 states in this country where gay marriage is illegal.

I realize this is a transgender blog, and I realize the issues of the “LGB” community don’t always affect on the “T”. However equality is something we all need to stand together on. When same sex marriage is legal, then by default transgender marriage is legal, as it no longer matters to the state whether the genders listed on the marriage license are opposite.

So what does this have to do Macklemore and the VMA’s? Its a start, and hopefully its a sign of change and acceptance within the greater hip hop community. A community dominated by old stereotypes of gender roles, dominated by sexism and masculinity stereotypes that should be discarded rather than aspired to.


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Trans* and an Atheist. Frequently in need of a hug, never in need of a prayer.

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