Religious condescension from the Left

In the midst of a brilliant defense of the establishment clause of the Constitution, comes some sad condescension from the Left.  While the Reverend Paul Raushenbush (@raushenbush) does agree, that incarcerated atheists shouldn’t be required to attend programs based upon religious principles, as most 12 step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous.  He does then turn around and undercut that position by commenting how a good number of atheists are able to get around and deal with the “higher power”.

I don’t wish to be too hard on Paul Raushenbush, he seems to be an ally on LGBT rights (although I haven’t researched him thoroughly), and his liberal stance on theology is much more palatable than the religious right we’re so used to dealing with.  As members of the Trans community we must accept that our allies will usually come from people with religious and or spiritual beliefs, there are just more people with superstitious beliefs, than without.

This however does not mean we should let them off the hook when they are wrong.

Link to HuffPo article here

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